Emmett Technique Testimonials

I’m so glad I discovered the Emmett Technique and Christine. Having tried various treatments including massage and Bowen therapy to help with the tension and muscle pain in my neck and shoulders, Emmett is the only one that has made a long-term difference. My shoulders are much more relaxed, tension free and less painful. Christine has also worked on my sinus issues. This has greatly improved and my breathing is better. Christine is a calm, caring, gentle practitioner and I’m so glad I’ve finally found a treatment that works.


Due to various health conditions, I am very sensitive to touch and a lot of therapies don’t work for me as they are too painful. The Emmett Technique is great as it is gentle but it still helps with my aches and pains.


I have some issues in my lower back and hips, as well as sciatica on a regular basis. The Emmett Technique helps me keep the pain under control and provides some relief when I get too uncomfortable.


Following an injury on one of his front legs, my little Jack Russell kept hopping along without using that leg properly, even though the pain had gone. He had three Emmett sessions and he is nearly back to normal, which is great.


My elderly dog had a few Emmett Technique sessions at the end of his life, and they helped with his stiffness. Christine came to my house to see him which was much more relaxing for him, and he seemed to enjoy the treatments. I was happy to find a way of making him more mobile and comfortable.


Christine is very friendly and easy to talk to and immediately made me feel at ease. I had two major surgeries in 2012 and 2014 which resulted in my bowel never quite recovering, therefore needing regular medication. My consultant informed me that this was normal after my operations  and unfortunately something I would have to live with. The medication had side effects and was definitely not something I wanted. After visiting Christine 3 or 4 times, my bowel started working properly again and I haven’t had ANY medication to date (this was 7 months ago). I can honestly say it has made a significant difference to my daily life and there are no side effects. I also found the treatment very relaxing, which was an added bonus.


I successfully tried multiple Emmett sessions for the first time during my participation in a tennis tournament. I firmly believe that these sessions played a crucial role in alleviating discomfort in my fatigued joints and muscles, particularly in the calf and Achille’s areas, and they effectively prepared my body for competitive play on consecutive days throughout the week. 


I had suffered with stiff hips for a few days, which gradually got worse and painful enough to need Ibuprofen. It was affecting my sciatic nerve and lumbar as well. I asked Christine if Emmett could help. Whilst we were chatting, I realised that I had changed the position of my car seat and probably ‘put everything out’. The Emmett Technique helped ease all the tension in my muscles, back and sciatic nerve and it was a gentle pain free experience.