What is the Emmett Technique® ?

The Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy developed over many years by the Australian Ross Emmett. It is currently offered in over 40 countries worldwide and works equally well on humans and animals. It can be described as a light touch muscle and soft tissue release therapy. The Emmett Technique involves gentle pressure on specific points on the body and in sequences. This initiates the release of muscle restrictions and encourages the body to self-correct.

The body responds incredibly well to light touch. Gentle pressure on carefully chosen points on the body allow a connection with the brain via the therapist’s hands, and can assist in releasing tensions and resetting muscle memory after injury or trauma. The points used act as sensory receptors which carry information to the brain. The brain assesses this stimulus and triggers the relaxation response in the areas concerned. The sequence of muscle activation points used with the Emmett Technique can help ‘rewire’ the brain and provides an opportunity for re-alignment of the body.

The Emmett Technique helps promote relaxation, release tension and restore balance, aiming for a better range of movement and enhanced comfort.

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“The body remembers everything that ever happened to it.”

John F. Barnes

Emmett for people 

The Emmett Technique is suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly, from athletes to pregnant women. The pressure required is not strong or painful, and the technique does not require manipulation. ‘No pain no gain’ has no place in the Emmett therapist’s approach.

The Emmett Technique offers a treatment tailored specifically to each person’s needs, so no two treatments are the same. The Emmett Technique can influence the whole body (muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, nervous system, lymphatic immune system, gastro-intestinal system…) and promotes physical as well as emotional healing.

A treatment may help for example with the following issues:


  • Injuries and strains from sports or accidents
  • Poor posture and body unbalance/asymmetry
  • Stiffness and movement limitations
  • Neck/shoulder/back restrictions
  • Hip and knee issues
  • Tight glutes/hamstrings/quads
  • Sore arms/elbows/legs/feet
  • Poor blood circulation/oedema
  • Abdominal and intestinal complaints
  • Breathing problems, blocked sinuses, headaches
  • Clearing the lymphatic system/boosting the immune system
  • Discomfort during pregnancy
  • Emotional issues held in muscles, anxiety

Emmett for animals 

Animals are extremely sensitive and respond well to Emmett treatment. They usually find it enjoyable and relaxing and take out of it just what their body needs in any given session.

An Emmett treatment could for example be beneficial in the following situations:

  • To loosen movement after injuries or exertion
  • To speed up recovery following surgery
  • To sustain a young animal’s rapid growth
  • To support an elderly animal’s aging body and reduce stiffness
  • To benefit a sports animal’s health and performance (racing or competition horses for example)
  • To enhance a working animal’s agility and comfort (sheepdogs for example)
  • To assist a pregnant animal before and after birth
  • To address unexplained behaviour changes
  • To offer your companion(s) a relaxing body session