Trust Technique® Testimonials

Christine visited my stables and showed me the Trust Technique with a “special” mare and it was invaluable. The mare is so much more relaxed with me and allows me to stroke her now whereas previously reaching out a hand would have been met with pinned back ears. Christine was very patient with both myself and the mare during the session. Well worth the visit.


Christine visited me and my new horse earlier this year; she was professional and helped me to understand the technique and how to practise it. Her support continued after the initial visit and I have been able to use the technique with all my horses and dog. Thank you.


My dog’s separation anxiety issue prompted me to try a Trust Technique session, and I am really glad I did.  Christine was very clear and took a lot of time explaining and showing me how the technique works. We stayed in touch while I kept working with my dog, and she advised me on how to move forward when I was unsure. It is still work in progress (I haven’t left the dog in the house on his own yet), but I can now leave the room without him getting up straight away to follow me. Hopefully this soon this will be a problem of the past.


I thought a Trust Technique consultation would be useful for my newly adopted dog, who was pretty fearful of people. Christine’s description was easy to understand, and she gave me clear advice on how to react to my dog’s behaviour during the session. My dog is becoming more trusting and playful, and his confidence is growing. I am pretty sure this would have taken a lot longer without the use of the Trust Technique.


Really interesting technique for people who want a gentle, non dominant approach, and animals seem very receptive to it. The best thing is that you learn to do it yourself, so you can carry on using it after the session. We really enjoyed it, thank you.


Christine was very patient and understanding of our situation and put us both at ease very quickly. The whole session was enjoyable and motivating. Can’t wait to do more!


I had a Trust Technique session to help my 3 rabbits get on better with each other. I had recently introduced the 3rd rescued rabbit to the well-established pair and things weren’t going so well between them. I had not been able to have the 3 in the same hutch as the new rabbit was getting bullied by one of the others. During the consultation I really became aware of how peaceful and non reactive they were all becoming. After the session I carried on working with them every day, and now (just over a week later), they are together and a new relationship is beginning. I am pleased with the result.


I had a consultation out of curiosity more than anything, as the technique sounded interesting and I practise mindfulness for myself. This was with my cat who does not have any ‘issue’ but can be a bit distant with us. It all made perfect sense to me and my cat responded so well! I am still using the technique with her on a regular basis (just a few minutes now and again), and I do feel that we are closer.

Marie (translated from French)

Fascinating! It is worth learning this technique even if your animal doesn’t have any problems. You just feel very connected with them and very peaceful within you.

Nathalie (translated from French)

I was impressed by Christine’s ability to explain so clearly and simply both the Trust Technique itself and the various applications of it. I appreciated how she brought out an awareness of the benefits of the TT both in general and for specific issues or difficulties. I found her explanations of subtle differences (for example the difference between ‘being in the present moment’ and ‘mindful regard’, and how to move between the two) very clear. It is easy to get uptight trying out a new approach, but Christine helped me stay very calm and open. I also appreciated learning how practice at home can gradually be evolved to help with issues when out and about. I really recommend Christine as a TT guide and facilitator.


Christine has worked with our dog Tilly, who is a rescue dog. Tilly was extremely nervous of loud noises, and territorial and protective when people called to the house. It was fascinating to observe and participate in the mindfulness sessions that are part of the Trust Technique, and both Tilly and I ended each of Christine’s sessions feeling relaxed and with our bond deepened. After several sessions, we saw a significant reduction in these aspects of her behaviour. On the rare occasions when she now exhibits anxious behaviour, we are far more confident in dealing with it as we can use the techniques that Christine has taught us to calm and relax her.