What is the Trust Technique®?

The more we think the less connected we are

The Trust Technique® is a method of reducing thinking levels to promote trust, connection, confidence and communication. It recognises that animals and humans share feelings, and react to each other’s feelings.

Thinking produces feelings. Most behaviour problems come from anxious over-thinking (from the animal or the person), and are a demonstration of how the animal is feeling. If we can reduce the thinking we can change the feeling and therefore the behaviour. If we learn to be non reactive and share peace of mind with the animal, we can break the negative cycle, and build a deep connection based on trust.

‘Clearly, animals know more than we think, and think a great deal more than we know.’

Irene M. Pepperberg

Learning to listen

The Trust Technique® teaches you how you can hold and share this feeling of peace of mind with your animal(s), which builds their trust (in you) and increase their confidence (in themselves). It uses focused presence and always goes at the animal’s pace, working with mindful regard. This shows animals that we are truly listening to them, and connecting with them on a feeling (rather than thinking) level.

It is amazing to see what happens when animals feel really listened to, as often, even with the best intentions at heart, we sometimes disregard their opinion – and of course they do have one. This can lead to behavioural issues, misunderstandings, frustration or closed down animals. This method helps resolve problems and enhances communication. As the person becomes fully present with their animal, they also become increasingly intuitive and perceptive, and start noticing subtle signs which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

As humans we are often mentally all over the place, spending a significant amount of our time dwelling about things past (which we cannot change) or future (which we have little control over). This approach is very beneficial for the human as well as the animal and offers the opportunity for a deeper, more subtle connection.

A tool for everyday life

As well as building or strengthening the bond between you and your animal(s), the Trust Technique® can help in situations such as (amongst many others):


  • Dogs with (separation) anxiety and/or barking issues
  • Dogs who are (fear) aggressive, or destructive
  • Animals who have experienced trauma 
  • Horses who are difficult to handle (travelling, shoeing…)
  • Horses who are nervous and spook easily
  • Cats who do not use their litter tray
  • Introducing a new animal to your household/herd
  • Training and teaching an animal new actions or behaviours

Moving forward together

As a Trust Technique® Practitioner, I work with you and your animal companion(s) to create both physical and emotional healing on the basis of mindfulness. A consultation will explain to you in detail what the Trust Technique® is and how it can benefit your particular situation. We work together with your animal so that you can witness the effects of the practice on their state of mind and behaviour. You learn how to do it yourself in order to be able to carry on using the method to strengthen your relationship with your animal, work through any issues, and teach him/her new things in a peaceful way.

Find out more from James French, the founder of the Trust Technique® – you can view the ‘Messages of Trust’ videos and start learning for free here.