Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Trust Technique® consultation?

I travel to your place if distance allows, otherwise a session via Zoom, Skype, Facetime (or other) can be arranged. After an assessment of your situation, I explain to you what the Trust Technique® is and how it can help you, and do a demonstration with your animal. Once you are familiar with the concepts of the Trust Technique®, you start practising with your animal and I guide and support you. A follow-up call 7-10 days after my visit is part of the consultation.

How do I prepare for a Trust Technique® consultation?

You will need to set aside a couple of hours when you can be undisturbed. Timing and environment are key, so choose a time when the environment is conducive to our session being successful, and when your animal will be most receptive (not just before food or when they are expecting to go out for example). Have a lead/collar, or rope/head collar at hand, and switch off your phone.

Can the Trust Technique® really help me and my animal?

The Trust Technique® has many benefits, not only for animals but also for people. Many clients say that they really become aware of the benefits for themselves too. It is however worth pointing out that, like other techniques, the more you practise the more effective it is; therefore the commitment of the carer is key. The Trust Technique® has been used with domestic, farm and wild animals, and the same beneficial response can be observed.

You learn to share a feeling of peace of mind with your animals, promoting trust and confidence. Animals soon realise that you are the one making them feel peaceful, so they will naturally turn towards you for guidance.

It helps animals let go of past trauma and bad experiences. By seeing situations through peaceful eyes, they will be able to see them differently, and react in a different way. It will change their mindset and recondition their behaviour.

Once you and your animals are familiar with the Trust Technique®, you can start using it in situations which cause them to be anxious. You can teach your animals new actions or behaviours in a calm way, working with trusted cooperation.

Is the Emmett Technique suitable for everyone?

Pretty much! It is a light touch therapy suitable for people and animals of all ages. It is relaxing and alleviates strains and discomfort. It provides support and relief for elderly individuals, sustains growth in young animals and babies/children, and enhances performance in athletes or competition animals. It provides a safe and compassionate therapy towards comfort and well-being. It helps release tensions, realign and rebalance the body, and optimise movement. As well as providing a gentle treatment, it also encourages relaxation and the release of emotions held in muscles.

What happens during an Technique Emmett treatment?

An Emmett Technique consultation follows a sequence of gentle moves (pressure points and switches) which initiate the release of tensions in muscles and soft tissues. The aim is to ease discomfort, re-balance the body and improve the range of movement.


  • For humans – Consultations take place at my home or I may be able to come to yours if mobility/transport are an issue. You remain fully clothed, wearing preferably lightweight, comfortable items. The therapy couch is available depending on the areas of the body to be treated and your degree of comfort/mobility.
  • For animals – I come to your place to treat your animal. The pace of the session is set by the animal and follows the indications you have provided, visual clues from the animal’s movements and their reactions to the Emmett sequences. The animals often decide themselves when they have received enough treatment.
What qualifications do you have?

I am fully trained and hold the Trust Technique® Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for people and their animals. This is a Crossfield’s Institute, Ofqual accredited course. I am qualified to work with both large and domestic animals, and registered with the Trust Technique® association.

I am a fully qualified Emmett Practitioner for humans and dogs. I am now planning to continue training so I can offer treatments for horses. The Emmett for People qualification is accredited by the CHP (Complementary Health Professionals) and the Emmett for Animals qualification is recognised by the IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists).

I am insured with Balens, specialists in complementary insurance therapies, and registered with Foyht (Association of Independent Therapists and Practitioners).

How much do consultations cost?

Trust Technique®:

  • Initial telephone discussion (about 20 mns) – Free
  • 1st Trust Technique® consultation and follow-up support (about 2h) – £65
  • Subsequent sessions and follow-up support (about 1h30) – £50
  • Package of 3 consultations – £155 (good for progression on a specific issue)
  • Gift vouchers are available (intended for people who share the ethos of the technique)

Travel over 10 miles from my home (SA62 6EW) is chargeable – please contact me for details.


Emmett Technique:

  • Treatments for dogs (about an hour) – £35
  • Treatments for people (about an hour) – £35
  • Gift vouchers are available.
  • Referral offer – Talk to your family and friends about the Emmett Technique. If they book an appointment, you will both get £5 off a treatment.

Consultations take place in Keeston, Pembrokeshire (SA62 6EW). If transport or mobility are an issue, please contact me and I may be able to travel to you and bring my therapy couch (additional cost to be discussed).